Hey - I'm Janina.

    Founder of seen and the woman behind the lens.

    Passion is the catalyst for a fulfilled and joyful life. How inspired we feel, is a direct result of how we choose to live our life. I believe that if we all lived from a place of inspiration, dedicating our time to something we feel deeply about, this world would be a happier one. That is the change I desire to create through the work I do.

    I have made it my mission to help female entrepreneurs become visible in their truth, so that they can create impact and leave footprints for others to follow.

    Build a brand so irresistible it becomes the catalyst for someone else's passion

    Janina Shank is a personal branding photographer based in Porto, Portugal, working with women-led businesses worldwide.

    Deeply inspired by women who boldly step into their purpose, I dedicate myself to working with aspiring solopreneurs and established entrepreneurs - creatives and lifestyle brands - such as designers, artists, coaches, thought leaders, photographers, authors, speakers, and other service-based businesses.

    Born in Germany, I spent most of my life moving around. I loved the adventure of experiencing new cultures and surroundings, but the constant changes eventually led me to feel lost in who I was.

    Alongside the many moves I experimented with several professions. I had good jobs and great employers, but none truly seemed to fit with who I was deep down. I longed for meaning, and yearned to escape the societal hamster wheel. For years I felt empty and miserable.

    Meanwhile I sensed a creative and entrepreneurial calling within me. While others were climbing corporate ladders, I kept switching jobs, hoping to find my calling.

    After years of soul searching, the shift I so deeply longed for, finally came. I turned my love for photography into a business, and seen was born.

    seen stands for personal growth, for seeking purpose, for being true to who we are, for chasing dreams, and having the courage to bring them to life.

    seen is a dedication to you. To the woman devoted to her dream. This is the place where you are seen.

    What inspires me...



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