The Aligned Brand

    The Aligned Brand Questionnaire

    Compelling, on-brand imagery starts by having a clear vision for your personal brand.

    This questionnaire is the essential starting point for your branding journey. It lays the foundation for curating authentic brand visuals, and is central to creating a meaningful, and fully aligned brand.

    This PDF holds a collection of strategically hand-crafted questions designed to help you get to the core of who you are, the why you're driven by, the unique traits that give you your edge, what your brand stands for, and who you're here to serve.


    Gain deeper understanding of who you are at your core

    Become clear on what you offer and who you are here to serve

    Find your edge and define the core elements of your personal brand

    Refine the vision for your business


    This is for you if...

    you desire to make an impact with a purposeful brand that is created with intention and led with heart



    Can I request a refund?

    What type of questions can I expect?

    Unfortunately, no. Due to the nature of this product, I do not issue refunds. This is a digital, non-tangible product, so there is no way to close access to the file once you've purchased it.

    This will be different for everyone, because it depends on how well you know youself and where you currently stand with your brand/business. My recommendation is not to rush through this. Give yourself time to dive deep and to give the questions thought. Your answers lay the foundation for your personal brand, so you will want to be mindful and intentional.

    The goal of this questionnaire is for you to get to know yourself, and to define the vision for your brand. It covers questions about who you are, the vision you are driven by, what you want to put out into the world, and who you are here to serve.


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