Full-Day Brand Photoshoot

    Munich, Germany

    a woman in front of a grey wall doing a yoga head stand pose
    a woman sitting on a wooden floor surrounded by camera items
    a woman on a grey wall with her legs up showing yoga poses
    a woman in a black sleeveless top holding a white cup leaning on a wall and smiling
    a woman standing on a grey wall doing a downward dog pose
    a woman laying on a grey couch who covered her eyes
    a woman in a white long dress and a black hat walking in front of an old white house, holding a book
    a woman in a white long dress standing on a wood on a pebble beach
    a blonde woman wearing a white dress standing in a river
    a woman in a white long dress standing in the middle of a shallow water surrounded by trees
    a woman wearing a black long dress holding a burning sage stick
    a back of a woman who is wearing a black dress showing her back on a pebble beach



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