1:1 Creative Direction & Photoshoot Planning

    Are you getting ready to book a professional brand photoshoot, and you don't know how to prepare for it? You want original, on-brand images, but you're overwhelmed with the planning process?

    At the end of our planning you will feel empowered in your brand vision, with an individual photoshoot concept at hand.


    Behind every successful brand photoshoot is a solid plan.

    What you get:


    The Aligned Brand Questionnaire

    2 x 1:1 virtual planning session á 60 min

    Moodboard creation

    Location guidance (regardless of geographical location)

    Wardrobe + styling advice

    Prop selection

    Shot list creation

    Clear direction on where your brand is heading

    2 weeks of WhatsApp/Email support (Mo-Fr)

    Final PDF with your individual photoshoot concept










    Identify the desired look & feel for your brand aesthetic

    Define the story you want to capture with your visuals

    Plan outfits, props, locations

    Identify the keyshots you require for your buisness

    Create a detail-oriented plan for your brand photoshoot

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    This is for you if...






    Plan now, shoot later.

    The world of personal branding can be a tricky place to navigate. On my own journey I've learned that


    it's a process that takes time


    it requires you to get to know
    yourself on a deep level

    Building your visual foundation.


    as you continue to grow as an individual, your brand keeps evolving






    Implement your individual photoshoot concept to create original, on-brand images.

    Develop individual photoshoot concept based on the core elements of your personal brand.

    Book your brand photoshoot with me or your local photographer of choice.


    How can I be sure this is for me?

    What do I need to bring to our session?

    After securing your virtual session in my calendar, you'll receive an email from me with The Aligned Brand Questionnaire. Please take some time to answer the questions, and email me a copy at latest 48 hours prior to our scheduled session. The work we do in our sessions will be based on your answers. A part from that you'll need the willingness to share your story and vision with me.

    Yes, absolutely! Planning is the key to a successful brand shoot, and it's something I'm passionate about assisting others in. Planning will save you time, frustration and money. It would be an honor to support you. Once we've developed your individual photoshoot concept, you are ready for your next step: booking a photoshoot. If shooting on location in Portugal is not available to you, we can discuss other options.

    Do we create my brand identity in this consult?

    How much time is between the two calls?

    I just booked, when should I shoot?

    The beauty of this planning session is that it's flexible to your life and schedule. This allows you the freedom to plan ahead and shoot once your schedule and finances are ready. To ensure that your brand vision is still aligned and will deliver on-brand photos, I recommend completing your photoshoot within 4 months from the planning process.

    This will depend on where you currently stand with your personal brand, and how much work is needed to establish your brand framework. Typically 2-3 weeks.

    No. A brand identity is made up of several visual elements (brand colors, logo, design, imagery). It visually communicates your unique personality, values, and storyline with your soul audience. In this particular process we bring together your existing brand elements (incl. brand colors, logo, design), and transform them into a concept for the visual direction of your future brand images.

    Which program will we use to meet virtually?

    What if I can't make the calls?

    I understand life happens. In urgent cases, please reschedule your call 24 hours ahead of time.

    There are a few different ways we can meet virtually, but I mostly meet my clients via Zoom.

    I'm ready to start planning my brand visuals!

    Ready to build a brand that feels fully aligned with who you are? Grab now for 0€.
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