Porto, Portugal

    ** Lauren did some very beautiful - yet raw and vulnerable - releasing of strong emotions during our shoot. These images are not shown here or shared on social media. Lauren has given me permission to show them to future SHE EMBODIED clients during our connection call, as a means of showing what is possible during our time together. **

    Mini Post-Shoot Interview

    Q / What do you feel about yourself when looking at the images?

    Q / What drew you to the SHE EMBODIED experience?

    A / "Wow, so many things! In so many of the pictures I really felt beautiful, and it's uncommon for me to not feel at all critical or shaming. Even the parts of myself that I would typically cringe at felt whole and perfect in Janina's photos. In most of the photos, I feel empowered, wild, and beautiful. I feel connected to the earth, at peace, and at home in my body. These photos will forever be a reminder to me of that freedom.

    It is also a bit challenging to face the photos where I was expressing strong emotions. It brings up a lot of my own shadows and has presented me with a new area of processing to work through. It has made me realize some areas of my life that are not yet healed and shined a light on a way to move through them. I am so grateful for this opportunity because it's given me a new access point for healing."

    A / "I wanted to find a way to connect to and appreciate my body in a new way. I knew this would be revealing in so many ways and that I would be privileged and challenged to see myself from so many new angles. I really wanted to embrace that challenge and learn to love all of those angles."

    Q / How did you feel about yourself before the shoot, and how did you feel afterwards?

    A / "I woke up that morning feeling bloated and ick! It was prime PMS time for me and I was regretting planning it on that particular day, but I also knew this would be a time when my emotions would be more present and accessible for the shoot. I made a commitment to love the fullness of my belly and embrace the experience for everything it could bring, and WOW! I was not disappointed. Janina was so caring and encouraging and loving. She made me feel so beautiful every step of the way. By the time we finished, my little swollen belly meant nothing because all I felt was powerful, grounded, connected to the earth and so in love with my own body and my own bravery!"

    Q / And lastly, what do these images mean to you?

    A / "These images are such a gift to me. They are a powerful reminder of my beauty, my power, and the fierceness that I contain within me. They have shown me a whole world beneath my skin and an entirely new side of myself that I had never seen before. They will forever be a treasured posession and a reminder of the wild, thriving, and whole person that I am."

    Q / What about working with Janina did you most enjoy?

    A / "The sense of safety was the most poignant. This is such a vulnerable experience, but I really felt held and supported the entire time. At no point did I feel pressured to perform a particular way or wear (or not wear!) a particular thing. Janina is so nurturing and she has a gift when it comes to drawing out your authentic self and making you feel like that openness is a superpower."

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