Valongo, Portugal

    ** In honor of Marta's request for privacy, her images have been censored. **

    Mini Post-Shoot Interview

    Q / What drew you to the SHE EMBODIED experience?

    Q / What do these images mean to you?

    A / "They are a celebration of each wound, joy, sadness, hard decisions, victories, out of balance, in balance, chaos, stillness, because they have shaped who I am today. They are a gift and a reminder of my strong enthusiasm towards life, deeply rooted trust and a free spirit that I possess. Looking at them makes me wonder how that experience would be different in 2 years, 5 years, 20 years from now. I would definitely do it again when in different stages in life."

    A / "I knew that this experience would be challenging and profound, and it would reveal all the ways I would like to see myself and hold space for but didn't have the courage before. This photoshoot made me experience myself more real and more complex."

    Q / How did you feel about yourself before the shoot, and how did you feel afterwards?

    A / "I didn't get a lot of sleep the night before so I woke up a little grumpy and icky. But the moment I started to get ready I reminded myself of all the intentions for this shoot. There was no way I would call it off. In the first part of the shoot I was experiencing nervousness and awkwardness. It really got into my head how I was concerned about my performance. For no reason... It's just the mind playing tricks on me. Janina helped me to feel more relaxed and beautiful minute after minute. She chose stunning locations where I could experiment and play. Towards the end I had more and more fun and I felt much lighter!"

    Q / How are these images supportive to your personal journey?

    A / "The whole adulting I learn letting go of control, embracing uncertainty and trusting life as it is unfolding. The struggle is real as we live in a world that is very much mind oriented - linear, organized and predictable. Those pictures are a reminder that the body needs to have a space to express and uncover its beauty and power. And when we do that we free ourselves from the prison of the mind. It is a beautiful reminder that we need both, and one is not better than the other. We just need to learn to choose wisely."

    Q / Would you recommend the SHE EMBODIED experience to other women, and if yes, why?

    Q / What do you feel about yourself when looking at the images?

    A / "Oh so many many things! First of all I feel very proud of myself for stepping into this experience! It was intimate and vulnerable, and very unfamiliar! When I look at them I feel very grounded, in peace with my body, sensual and adventurous. Happy, wild and free! This will be a forever reminder and a celebration of that part of me that never left! In fact, that part now wants to be seen and expressed more."

    A / "I would totally recommend it to every woman! Yes! Yes! Whatever story you are carrying, whatever life experiences you have, all of it is stored in your body and wants to be expressed. Being in your body means to be in touch with your emotions. And doing that in front of the camera and being seen can bring lots of awkwardness at first, but a lot of satisfaction and ease later. Our human need for love and validation is real. And you can give that to yourself through this photoshoot."

    Q / What about working with Janina you did most enjoy?

    A / "I really enjoyed starting the photoshoot by sitting together, finding our center and meditating. This felt really special and intentional and weaved a cocoon of safety for the whole time we spent together."

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