An intimate and powerful photoshoot that celebrates you and your body. This experience is about accepting yourself, your story, and celebrating how far you've come. It is about being, feeling, embracing, and letting go.

    What you get:

    - Conceptualization & planning

    - 2 hour photoshoot

    - 1 location, in nature

    - Up to 3 outfit changes

    - 45 digital images, edited

    Also included: Connection call for me to gain insight on your story and understand your intention behind this shoot, location scouting, moodboard creation, styling recommendations, private online gallery

    Optional add-ons: Travel to regions outside of Porto


    From a young age we're conditioned to conform. We're taught who to be, and who not to be. We're taught which parts of us are acceptable, and which are not. We learn which behaviors are rewarded, and which are rejected.

    We're taught to be good girls.

    We're sold on distorted beauty ideals that foster a feeling of inadequacy and unworthiness in many of us. We start to believe that we're not good enough, not lovable, and that one way or another our bodies are flawed.

    We're taught to suppress our feelings, perpetuating the idea that vulnerability is a sign of weakness. Anger is discouraged, sadness belittled, and tears dismissed as oversensitivity. This leaves little room for authentic expression and hinders our ability to deeply connect with ourselves (and others) in a meaningful way.

    Societal systems, including patriarchal conditioning, teach us to shut off the very nature of what it means to be a woman - intuitive, playful, expressive, flowy, cyclical, creative, sensual, sexual, soft, and wild.

    Self-love journey.

    is seeking to explore her femininity

    wants powerful images to remind her of her strength and beauty

    is tired of suppressing parts of who she is and wishes to fully express herself

    desires to strip free from old conditioning and make peace with her story

    I'M READY!



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