An intimate and powerful photoshoot that celebrates you and your body. This experience is about accepting yourself, your story, and celebrating how far you've come. It is about being, feeling, embracing, and letting go.

    What you get:

    - Conceptualization & planning

    - 1,5 hour photoshoot

    - 1 location, in nature

    - Up to 3 outfit changes

    - 40 digital images, edited

    Also included: Connection call for me to understand your intetion behind this shoot, location scouting, moodboard creation, styling recommendations, private online gallery

    Optional add-ons: Hair & make-up stylist, travel to regions outside of Porto


    From young on patriarchal conditioning teaches us who to be. We're taught which parts of us are acceptable, and which are not. We're taught to live from a place of masculine energy, and are required to suppress the feminine.

    We're sold distorted beauty ideals that lead many of us to believe that we're not good enough. Not lovable, not worthy. As women we're supposed to show skin, but not too much. We're expected to share our bodies, yet naturally embracing our sensuality and sexuality is frowned upon.

    When we express our emotions we're told to calm down. We're being too emotional, too sensitive.

    Patriarchal conditioning teaches us to shut off the very nature of what it means to be a woman - cyclical, emotional, intuitive, flowing, playful, creative, sensual.

    Self-love journey.

    is seeking to heal and strip free from

    old conditioning

    wants powerful images to remind her of her strength and beauty

    is tired of hiding her true self

    is on the journey back to herself

    desires to express her femininity and

    explore her sensuality

    Topless woman with white pants and tattooes standing at the beach

    I'M READY!



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